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Skritter & C.P.?


Hi C.P. Team Question because you are Cooperating with Skritter.
Is the Skritter Software for free after the free day which Skritter offered on I-Phone? Or I need to pay it, if I like to practice my new C.P. Lesson Chinese characters?

How about your new Chinese Pod App for IOS, will we have something similar like Skritter?

Thanks in advance for your answer.

Best Regards



Chinese Pod, are you there?


Is there a person of the chinese Pod Team which could answer my simple question?


This is a link I found on the skritter forum. I use CPod and Skritter and pay for both, but I don’t know if there is any deal that let’s you use skritter for only tuw CPod vocab, I think that might be website integration only.


非常感谢 Matt:slightly_smiling:smiling:smiling:smiling:smiling:smiling:smiling:smiling: