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Small problem in dictionary


Searching for character 率 in the dictionary, I find the meaning for Shuai4 (to lead) like I expect

Everything is good here so far, character, pinyin, and the definition are all correct.

The only problem is that all of the examples show the use of the other meaning / sound lv4 (rate, proportion)

Looks like this should be correctly classified as a multiple sound character, and examples need to be assigned to the correct meaning.

PS: what happened to “convert pinyin tones” button ?


What do you mean? on the lesson comments page?


I thought the “convert tones” button was also present in old groups / forums section, but I cannot be sure now…


The convert tones is only available on the lesson comments (and the old groups). The new forum software we’re using does not have this function so it’s best to just use tone numbers or copy/paste from Google Translate/MDGB etc.

Regarding the dictionary, thanks for letting us know, although it might be quite tricky to fix. We’ll have a look and see what we can do.

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