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Small talk with Chinese grandparents


Suggested Difficulty (Elementary etc): Elementary/Intermediate
Video or Audio: audio is probably fine
Lesson Idea: Hi @Constance_Fang and Team, I live in the US and have a Chinese co-worker whose parents & in-laws frequently visit. In addition, my niece has many Chinese classmates with grandparents who do not speak English. I love chatting with them but I quickly run out of conversational topics and I struggle with wording some basic conversational questions correctly. For example, what part of China are you from? (or is that a strange question to Chinese people)? Do you live here full-time, or do you go back and forth to China?

Thank you very much for all of the other small talk lessons, they are also very helpful!!! I especially appreciate all of the basic formulaic questions that you have shared.


These are pretty good and common small talk topic for us.
Which part of China are you from? You could say 你是中国哪里人?
Do you live here full-time or do you go back and forth to China?