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Sort by date Ascending

For my study strategy, I’d like to search for Intermediate lessons from the year 2008.

On the Old Dashboard, I was able to do this on the “Lesson Library” tab by filtering on “Intermediate” and selecting “Sort by date Ascending”.

On the New Dashboard, when I go to the “Explore” tab, I can filter on “Intermediate”, but I do not see an option for sort order. So I have to click the forward arrow in the paging control many times to get to the lessons I want.

Suggestions for improving this feature:

  1. Add an option for Sort Order
  2. Enhance the paging control to allow jumping to the end of the search results.


Hi Matt,

Thank you for the suggestion! If you have other feedback, keep them coming! We really appreciate your opinion.


I totally agree! It would be even better to be able to search for lessons at a particular level in a particular time period. The Chairman’s Bao, for example, has this feature.

Thanks for the great idea, Dorothy! Any other suggestions on how to improve the explore function?