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Sorting lessons by duration


Hello all! I am a new user, and just starting to explore ChinesePod’s features. One feature that seems to be missing is the ability to sort or filter lessons based on duration. Is there any way to find lessons that are a certain length, for example Elementary lessons that are 10 minutes or less?

A little background: my drive to work is about 10 minutes, and it would be great if I can find a bunch of lessons that can fit in that time.



I’m afraid there is no current way to filter the lessons by length.

I just checked a sample of Newbie lessons and they span from about 11:30min to 14:00max

It’s similar with elementary, although lesson length can go up to 15mins+

It’s rare for a regular lesson to fall under 10mins, so I suggest you could try driving a bit slower, or find a new job that is further away…

Or you might like our Qing Wen series where we answer common questions our listeners have. They tend to be shorter since they don’t have a dialogue repeated 3x.

Thanks for reaching out.


Thanks for the suggestions Gwilym! I’ll definitely listen to Qing Wen, not so sure I’ll follow your advice to drive slower or move farther away… I also discovered that I can download just the dialogue from a lesson, so that’s seems like another great way to get a shorter bit of Chinese practice in.