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Sound quality has decreased

Not trying to be picky but meanwhile we are actually used to better sound quality in the lessons, even Ken and Jenny way back managed better recordings then in the new setup on the sofa.

I actually tried to not critisize this but it’s really annoying when one listens to the lessons.
If those lessons can take some imperfections then it should be rather in the visual quality then in the accustic quality. So I think I can tolerate an ugly microphone way better than poor quality of sound.

Kind regards

Hi Manfred,

Thanks for taking the time to write in. I’m sorry you feel that the audio quality is not as good as it used to be. Is there a video in particular that you have an issue with?

We care about our sound quality very much, and it is something that we pay attention to for every lesson. Your feedback will be shared with the team and in future we will work hard to ensure clear and direct sound.

Warm regards,

Thank you for taking care of this issue. I just randomly picked the two following examples where sound quality did not meet the standards we are (or should I just say, I am) used nowadays:

That’s just two of the recent ones I found disturbing sound quality wise.
I know it sounds picky but, well, we are a bit spoiled probably :slight_smile:

I listened to this one today

and it was really good from what I can tell so far.
So there’s already some improvement going on.

Thank you

Dear Manfred,

Have you checked out our latest lessons? I am hoping that no new posts means no complaints here.