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Speed of website and bugs

Device used: PC
Software version (Windows 10, macOS Sierra etc): Windows 10
Browser used: Chrome

Bug description: The site really loads slow for me all the time as well as the Android app after some words. I also often get logged out of the app on PC.
Screenshot of bug:

Remember to contact if this is related to your account or a payment issue. [Delete after reading]


The android app doesnt work for the most time. Huge loading times and always errors. I need to always review the decks one by one.
The web app like i said doesn’t have an effect on the word count that is still to learn.

Thank you for reporting this!

YES!!! Please fix how slow this is on PC. It is driving me mad. I want to keep subscribing but I would potentially cancel over how annoying the slowness, getting logged out and freezing are.

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Thank you for letting us know. Does this issue still exist when you use the website on your phone? I suggest that cleaning your cookies and cache, which sometimes can help with the speed. I have asked our technical department for some suggestions, and I will update you here.