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Starrting Pre-Intermediate

Hi ChinesePod team, my question is this:

I have just finished the elementary curriculum courses and am currently learning pre-intermediate curriculum courses. Although I can understand most of the videos, some words or phrases I still couldn’t understand, as I feel I’ve never been exposed to such words.

I am wondering if there is a transcript for the videos?
Or whether I am actually ready for pre-intermediate courses? If not, where should I start?

No replies yet, but I did challenge myself to take an upper intermediate lesson today. I was pleasantly surprised, since this one had both Chinese and English subtitles. The vocab also wasn’t super difficult. It looks to me like these types of lessons are the best way to ease into upper intermediate. I’m gonna be the change I wish to see in the world and keep this thread active with recommendations. Hopefully it will help some people!

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Have you watched the All the way to intermediate series?
It is a good series to start with because the content is quite simple and we put Chinese subtitles on the screen for the important sentences.

The coffee break series is also another good option as the lessons revolve around phrases and they are quite short.

Coffee break series

Something to keep in mind when you’re moving up a level is that it’s not a “cold turkey” process. You can slowly increase the amount of pre-intermediate level lessons you study, and study less elementary lessons. Pretty soon, you will find you are recognizing many words overlapping in both levels! So don’t move on to pre-intermediate level completely, continue to study elementary lessons while sprinkling some pre-intermediate lessons in!

Happy learning!