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Starting Upper Intermediate

I am just starting out with upper intermediate lessons and it’s a very big change from intermediate. Since these lessons seem to be entirely in mandarin, I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for easier lessons to start with. Does anyone have any general tips for making this transition? It’s definitely very intimidating!

Thanks in advance!


I understand there’s a big jump from intermediate to upper-intermediate. I would suggest that you start with our 清谈 series as a nice transition to the new level. Every video has Chinese subtitles and English translation, and the topics are interesting and quite commonly discussed, so I’m sure you will find them helpful!
Here are a few lessons that I recommend:

清谈 Job Opportunities清谈-job-opportunities

旅行在中国 Traveling in China旅行在中国-traveling-in-china

清谈 Online Video Platforms清谈-online-video-platforms

You can find the lessons by searching for the latest upper-intermediate lessons or search for the key word 清谈.

Alternatively, you can also watch our Learn Mandarin from Movies lessons at upper-intermediate level. They also have Chinese subtitles and you get to enjoy watching movie clips in the lessons!

Learn Mandarin From Movies: 飞驰人生 (Pegasus) Part 2飞驰人生-pegasus-part-2

Learn Mandarin From Movies: 囧妈 (Lost in Russia) Part 2囧妈-lost-in-russia-part-2

Hope this helps!