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Swedish newbie saying hi


I´m Greger, a Swedish sailor and family man.
I like most water related activities, enough so to studie it and make a carrier of it (I´m a Bc in marine engineering, working as a chief engineer with the Norwegian marine SAR ). I also enjoy rugby, artsy painting and I´m a freemason, but most important is family.
Been a member some time, but recently stepped it upp a notch and actually started study.
A few years ago i found an article about “the grand canal”, and with that a seed of fascination about china were planted. And after finding a youtube “TED” talk about something called “Chineasy”, my interest to learn mandarine were a fact.
I found Chinese pod on Youtube, and figured it to be my alternative of online learning.
My ambition about this learning mandarine project is kind of floating, not sure if there is any other goal than some kind of self fulfilment. However it got the potential of opening some career alternatives, du to the fact that china is a big actor in the ship building and repairs industry.