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System Glitch? Anyone experiencing a subscription missing?

Is anyone else experiencing their year-long subscription being involuntarily deactivated???

This is so strange to me. Now it’s pushing its loyal users away?? Or is this just a glitch?

I study ever single day, so this is actually a huge loss, especially when I already paid for the year-long subscription.


This has happened to me in the past, but it was temporary and resolved itself. It was over a weekend and it’s not unusual for me to experience temporary problems with the site at weekends (e.g. not being able to access lessons). I assume they do site maintenance at weekends which might cause the occasional problem. I hope all gets sorted for you. 再见。

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Just confirming that you are fine now? We didn’t have anyone else seem to have problems over the weekend. Please let us know.


I’ve actually had the same thing happen again with my new subscription. I have yet to have it fixed. I had two different people email me with no responses after the first emails…哎呦喂!