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土 (tǔ) and 士 (shì)

Hi ChinesePod team, my question is this: For this 2 words are look very similar. How can I to remember and use it correct for 土 (TǓ) AND 士 (SHÌ)?

  1. Create your own mnemonic
  2. Learn some compounds that contain these characters.
  3. Practice writing and saying them.

Hi Eddie,

土 [tǔ] means dirt

士 [shì] usually refers to a person of high position. Such as 绅士 [shēn shì] (gentlemen).

(This might not be a professional way of teaching this, but I used this method when I was young) I would imagine 士 [shì] as a person so the arms are stretched longer. 土 [tǔ] is from the ground, so I would remember that the bottom stroke is longer.

I would recommend brainstorming about similar explanations that work for you to remember these.