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Taiwanese People Reading Mandarin Audio Files

I would like to improve my listening skills. One way I would like to do that is to find a large number of shortish audio clips (5 to 10 minutes?) of Taiwanese people reading mandarin. What they are reading matters less. It could be novels, news clippings, horoscopes, whatever. I am looking for Taiwanese speakers of Mandarin because I am going to Taiwan and trying to learn Mandarin Chinese. I plan to import the audio files into iTunes and make a playlist I can shuffle thru in my car.

I know you guys have lots of audio clips, but yours mix english and Chinese and are more about teaching bits and pieces at a time. I am looking for straight-up reading of Chinese language by a Taiwanese speaker.

Any ideas where I can get the audio files I am looking for?

Hello thanks for writing to us.

We would like to invite you to try out our upper intermediate and advanced current affairs lessons. They are all mandarin speaking only. The dialogues are downloadable and you are set in auto reply mode to keep listening to it. The current affairs “dialogues” are news article read aloud. Please give them a try!

As for the question of accent, the Beijing accent is truly different from Taiwanese accent. But for listening practice, you may want to be exposed to various accents to stretch the range of sounds and tones and abbreviations used by speakers from different regions.

I am not particularly aware of a Taiwanese source on read aloud alone. But I will look into it and if something turns up, I will get back to you.


This is a pretty popular Taiwanese talk show:

I don’t always appreciate some of their topics, but all the episodes I’ve heard are pretty entertaining, and it will definitely give you an ear for how Taiwanese people talk.

Taiwanese LOVE 语气词!

Thanks Elijah! I will also get at it and listen to it.