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Suggested Difficulty (Elementary etc): ____Intermediate/ Qing Wen
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Lesson Idea: Hi @Constance_Fang and Team,

Hi Constance, Fiona & Gwylym!

I really enjoy your lessons, and have learnt so much from you guys! Thank you! I am a primary school teacher from Australia and at the beginning of this year I was given a position teaching a First Language Maintenance Program for Chinese kids (sometimes Australian born), who generally have quite high oral language but low literacy skills… I am currently at an intermediate level myself so find this quite a challenging (but very enjoyable) subject to teach! Teaching them how to read and write the basic characters hasn’t been a problem, but sometimes sounding natural in my verbal communication when giving instructions has given me some trouble…I’ve been struggling along, but I was wondering if it would be possible to do a Qing Wen or lesson on the types of vocabulary often used within a classroom - things such as “Ok eyes and ears this way thanks”, “Time to pack up now”, “I’d like to see some good quality work from you”, “How could you express that in a different way?” “I’d like you to answer that question with a bit more detail”, “Focussing on your work now thanks”, “Lets see if we can read this together”, and some other teachery, assertive but friendly-sounding phrases… This would be a great help to make me sound a little more confident and natural, as this type of vocabulary hasn’t been something I’ve focussed on building up before! Hopefully this topic might also help others interested in teaching either English to Chinese speakers or Chinese, or also for those wanting to better understand their Chinese teacher’s instructions! :wink:

Thanks again! :blush:
小麦 (Grace)