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The difference between 饭店 and 酒店

Hi ChinesePod team, my question is this:
I have a question which come across my mind which why the hotel in Taiwan is called 饭店 and in China called 酒店?

Hi Eddie,

Actually, you can also call 酒店 a 饭店 in China. They are synonyms. But why Taiwanese prefer to use 饭店 and Chinese prefer to use 酒店? Because of the regional difference. Just like in north China, people call the grandma on the mother side 姥姥 [lǎo lao]; while in south China, people call her 外婆 [wài pó].

Hi Betty, thanks for answering my question.
So can I say that 饭店 generally is restaurant, will it correct?


Hi Eddie,

It can be hotel or restaurant according to the context.