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The difference between 说话, 讲,谈,说 etc


Hi @Constance_Fang @Fiona and the ChinesePod team, my question is this:

Hello, I have a question about the use of the following words: 说话, 讲,谈,说 (and also other synonyms). I am quite confused when should I use which.
Thank you!


Me too! Perhaps this could become a new lesson?


All of these 4 words have same meaning in Chinese, speak/say, but different in using, for example:

说 and 说话, usually used in daily communication;
他说:“你吃饭了吗?”------He says," did you have breakfast/ lunch/dinner?’
说话 served as a noun;sometimes, also served as a verb.
我说话你听到了吗?------Did you hear what I said?
when someone is a little impatient or angry, but the other keep silent, he will say,“你说话啊!”------ Say something /answer my question

谈 and 讲, usually used in a formal way, speech or news,
谈 has the meaning of “share idea”;
讲 is more like to “teach”.


Thank you a lot!
That really helped me! :grinning: