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The level of HSK4?


Hi ! I’m Anita :slight_smile: i’m living in Zhejiang Province, China right now.
i would like to know what levels do i have to progress in ChinesePods in order to pass the HSK level4??


Hi Anita, I think early upper intermediate lessons, around 50 lessons. The intermediates don’t really contain much of the grammar for the HSK 4, at least I found it didnt and I listened to all 120 recommended lessons. Now that I have started listening to upper intermediate lessons, I have found they contain much more of the grammar found in HSK 4. And this is only after about 20 lessons. Also, for me the problem is grammar, not the words, they’re easy to remember. If you want to learn all the words, I recommend you download an app called memrise, then download hsk flashcards and off you go. Hope this helps :smile:


Thx a lot for your answer :slight_smile: it really helps me :yum:


To add to @547142039 's reply, I have found that the HSK4 vocabulary is primarily found in ChinesePod’s Intermediate level lessons (see ChinesePod dialogues for HSK 4).