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The meaning and usage of the 顿

Hi ChinesePod team, my question is this:
Can please explain and example more on 顿?
As when I compare 吃一顿饭 and 安顿
吃一顿饭 seem like 顿 become measurement words?
安顿 is settle down?


Hi Eddie,

顿 [dùn] has a lot of meanings in Chinese, but as you pointed out, the most common meanings are “measure word for a meal” and “to settle down or to pause”. Depending on the context, we can identify which meaning it is since it has many other meanings. Sometimes, it can also imply “suddenly” or “in a short amount of time” as in 顿悟 [dùn wù] (to suddenly understand) or it could mean “to be tired” as in 困顿 [kùn dùn] (to be tired).
It’s very good that you mention this word, but since it is a complicated word at the same time, I would recommend understanding the usage of just the most common meanings, which is “to settle down” and “measure word”.