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The meaning behind :我只是打酱油的

Hi ChinesePod team, my question is this:
Hi I would like to know the real meaning behind the sentences 我只是打酱油的.
Can please give some example as well?



Hi Eddie,

Literally, it means I am just someone responsible for buying soy sauce. It’s a slang on the Internet which means: it’s not my business. For example,

  • A:这件事你得负责。
    [Zhè jiàn shì nǐ dé fùzé.]
    You have to take the responsibility.

  • B:我就只是个打酱油的而已,你找别人吧。
    [Wǒ jiù zhǐshì ge dǎ jiàngyóu de éryǐ, nǐ zhǎo biérén ba.]
    I am just a nobody. Find someone else.