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The new IOS app crashes playing anything but the newest recordings - is this just me?


It started a few months ago with the beta version - if I browse a couple of years back in search results, open a lesson and select “full lesson” in the bottom right menu, the app simply quits (I guess it’s killed by IOS for some crash). I don’t understand how this has even passed basic QA :confused:

Luckily the old app is still reasonably useful, although it cannot go back enough for some reason, only to around 2012. I like exploring old Qing Wen, for one.

Anyone else has the same experience or is it something with my phone? It’s been freshly restored - nothing has changed, so I think it’s the app that’s broken.


Mine crashes constantly. And I have a brand-new phone that just updated everything. But it still crashes. My biggest complaint is that when I try to go through my flashcards, it usually crashes the app


I’ve been able to access and download pre-2012 lessons without any problems.

On the other hand, I do occasionally suffer the same phenomenon of the app shutting down when I tap on the red Play button on both iPad and Iphone (the latter is only a few months old). This happens even when I’ve downloaded the lesson and irrespective of the vintage of the lesson.

I loove the Chinesepod lessons so it’s very frustrating since this happens just at the moment I’m about to go out and looking forward to listening to a lesson on the go.


I’ve recently switched to their web interface completely, the new iphone app is rather useless. The old app is less crash-prone.

No usable downloads via the mobile web interface though.


Same here for about 6 months now.


I have noticed that the new app crashes consistently when I try to play a recent “Qing Wen” episode. I can view all of the dialog etc, but when I try to play the full lesson, it crashes right out of the app.

All other levels/lessons seem to work fine.

(I was able to play the Qing Wen lesson audio on the old version of the app, which has remained viable in my iPhone.


same with me, crashes a lot


Please fix these problems chinesepod!

Also can not download lessons to hear, when for instance I am on a plane or away from wifi.
Super frustrating.

Not what we expected


Dear subscribers
We are in the process of submitting a new, improved app into the App store and it should take 1-2 weeks from today (17th August 2016) to be available for download.

  • Kevin of ChinesePod