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The usage of 检查 and 检察

Hi @YuQinCai, @Constance_Fang @Fiona and the ChinesePod team, my question is this:

I’m a bit confused by the usage of 检查 and 检察. I can see some people use 检查 quite often while others normally use 检察 in their sentence. Can you please shed the light on the difference of these two words?

Many thanks!

Hi Jeremy,

检查 [jiǎn chá] to check
检察 [jiǎn chá] to inspect

We use 检查 more often. For example,

  • 写完试卷记得检查。
    [Xiě wán shìjuàn jìde jiǎnchá.]
    Remember to check after finishing the test.

  • 我们去做健康检查吧!
    [Wǒmen qù zuò jiànkāng jiǎnchá ba]
    Let’s get a health check.

As for 检察, we mostly use it when we mention things have something to do with procuratorate. For example,

  • 检察院 [jiǎncháyuàn] procuratorate
    检察机关 [jiǎnchá jīguān] procuratorate
    检察工作 [jiǎnchá gōngzuò] procuratorial work
    检察长 [jiǎnchá zhǎng] prosecutor


Thanks Betty! You always give us lots of support here. Really appreciate that!
Merry Xmas! :slight_smile:

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