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The usage of 需要 and 须要

Hi ChinesePod team, my question is this:
I always confuse for the usage of 需要and 须要?
Can please explain on this and how to avoid mistakenly use?

Try learning some compound words that include the two characters which differentiate the words you are asking about. For example:
必须 must, have to (do something)
需求 requirement, the economic demand

Hi Eddie,

@podster is correct. Additionally, 需要 can be a verb meaning “to need” or a noun meaning “ a need”. Whereas 須要 is an auxiliary verb, meaning “must”. For example,

  • 我们需要很多人
    [wǒmen xūyào hěnduō rén]
    We need a lot of people.

  • 教育儿童须要耐心
    [jiàoyù értóng xūyào nàixīn]
    Teaching kids takes patience.

Hope this helps!