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The use of the verb 尝


Hi @Constance_Fang @Fiona and the ChinesePod team, my question is this:

if i want to say the 饺子 tasted good can i say:饺子尝得很好。i can 't understand the use of this verb.


My understanding is that verb / verb complement means something like ‘to act as’ or to have a certain indirect effect, so i’m not sure if it could be used as a linking verb for an adjective like that.


It seems to me that someone has already asked this question in comment of some lesson but I was not able to retrieve it.

Basically 尝 means taste in the sense of Someone tastes something and not in the sense of Something tastes good.

Your translation 饺子尝得很好 is correct on the grammatical point of view but I don’t think chinese people would says that, they probably would rather say 饺子很好吃 or 我觉得饺子很好吃。

I found also the expression 饺子尝起来很香。I would appreciated if @Constance_Fang or @Fiona could comment this sentence and the use of 起来 in that context.