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Thirds tones in longer series


Suggested Difficulty (Elementary etc): Elementary or above
Video or Audio: Video_
Lesson Idea: Hi @Constance_Fang and Team,

Could you do a Qing Wen on multiple third tones? The Say It Right series has a great explanation for up to three in a row. And S.I.R. makes the point (as many sources do) that for four or more in a row there are no general rules: A speaker has to break the series up into phrases and apply sandhi within each phrase.

Qing Wen is the ideal format for this because (as Mingmao also commented in the Qing Wen Elementary - The Three De’s) it is really helpful to hear Connie using natural intonation.

It would be great to have a lot of examples of complex sandhi to train my ear on, and I’d like to learn how you at Chinesepod think about it. Fiona is quite right in the S.I.R series to say it is no use asking most Chinese speakers about tone sandhi, since they are quire unaware of using it – just as most speakers of any language are unaware of much of their own phonetics.