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大家好!I was watching some ChinesePod lessons and I saw the one to better introduce oneself’s name.

我以为这样介绍自己. 我叫柏逸川,木白的柏,飘逸河川的逸川。或者说柏树的柏, 飘逸的逸,河川的川。我不知道,中国人太复杂了啊啊啊啊哈哈哈哈什么都是特别的人太难了。请你们可以帮忙我吗?

I talked with one friend from China and he told me this introduction is a bit hard to understand even for a native Chinese. I think that maybe the 逸 character is a bit hard to explain.
It would really help me to perform better this saturday 3rd, I already have the begginner HSKK exam. So, if anyone has an idea, I would be very thankful! 蟹蟹🦀

Personally I like this version: 我叫柏逸川,木白的柏,飘逸的逸,河川的川。
I think this is an easy enough introduction that most native speakers would understand (I would be surprised that they don’t:))