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Translation of an odd phrase

How would I translate “Superman and Green Lantern ain’t got nothing on me”. The meaning is that whatever Superman and Green Lantern can do, I can do. Although it needs to sound sort of humorous even though it is a bit of bragging. That line is from the song “Sunshine Superman” by Donovan. I know that Superman is “超人“ and Green Lantern is " 绿灯侠”. Is there a way to translate this while keeping the original feeling, and not just stating, as a matter of fact, that whatever they can do, I can do? Maybe it is not possible?


That’s an interesting question! I think you can translate it into: 超人跟绿灯侠都比不上我 [chāo rén gēn lǜ dēng xiá dōu bǐ bù shàng wǒ] which literally means “Superman and Green Lantern are not better than me”. I believe this is a humorous way of translating it without it sounding too serious. Hope this helps!


Thanks Rebecca. I think that this could be “East meets West” humor. It will help me to learn the nuances of a feeling to a particular grammar structure.