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Trouble changing forum username


Hi everyone. I’m having trouble changing my username for the discussion forums. (I created ‘doodle monster’ when I was 15 years-old…). I see the option to change my display name, which I’ve done, but the option to change my username is ‘un-clickable’ and there’s no prompt ‘pen-icon’ button next to it to chance it.

Perhaps this is just an niggly leftover issue from when the website crashed yesterday, in which case I can wait. :slight_smile:

Any help would be appreciated please!


It’s not a glitch. It’s designed that way.

Just post another comment saying what you want to change your name to and one of the moderators will change it for you when they see the post.


I can change it for you, but I believe it will un-link any previous @ mentions. Let me know what you’d like here or DM me here also.


Thanks @GwilymJames! Could you change it to ‘EmmaLouise’ please?


@EmmaLouise Done :slight_smile: Have a nice weekend.


@GwilymJames Thank you! You too :slight_smile: