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Trouble exporting vocab list to Anki


Hi everyone. I’ve exported the vocab list into Anki but the problem is, when viewing the cards, it only shows me the English and the Pinyin, and the Hanzi is nowhere to be seen despite it being present in the actual card when ‘browsing’ it.

I’ve already downloaded the Anki Chinese plug-in and can successfully manually add cards to a deck that have Hanzi and they display correctly when studying them (i.e.: when the answers pops up for card, both the Hanzi and Pinyin appear) but the problem seems to only be with the ‘pre-made’ list I exported from ChinesePod.

I’ve tried importing it as a Chinese Basic format and then again with Chinese Advanced format but neither solves the problem.

Any suggestions to fix this please?


I have the ‘opposite’ problem exported vocabulary is shown in Chinese characters and English on the flipside. An standard solution which allows to show both, Chinese characters on the first side and English plus pinyin on the flip side?

In an ideal world the export would include the mp3 files but I guess there is no solution for this, or am I (hopefully) wrong?



Anki is very good software, I do like it. But apparently this software is written by professional software ingeneers, and that kind of guy have a logic which is not the same as common people. You can do evrything to personalize your anki but you have to modify some templates or code lines. So if you do not have any background on software 算了use it as it is.

If you are self-confident enough to try modifications here are some tips:

First of all the official documentation of Anki:

I have installed the chinese extension.

If you want to modify what’s on the Front or the Back

  1. click on Browse

  2. select a deck and click on cards

  1. On the left hand side you have from top to bottom the Front card template, the styling, the Back template

On the two templates you have the following variables
{{Hanzi}} represents the hanzi
{{Reading}} represents the pinyin
{{Meaning}} represents the english translation
{{Color}} represents the hanzi colored according to tones
{{Sound}} represents the mp3
If you add or suppress those references on the templates you can choose what you have on each template

On the styling part you can modify the font and fontsize.

Here are my front card and Back card (according to my modified templates)

Front card

Back card

For the mp3 file if they are not present on your deck you can download the mp3 file from the net from the menu tools

Hope that helps, Good luck!


If someone create a deck for anki from a vocabulary list (which is a bit tricky) he can then export as a .apkg file (including mp3). Another user can just import that file with only one click .

So if Chinesepod would do that and provide the apkg files it would be nice.
Of course it is time consuming to do it for all lessons.