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大家好!Troy from Phoenix

Who are you and where are you from?
我是Troy Curtis. 我的中文名字是柯明河。叫我Troy 或者明河,都行了。我和我的妻子住在Phoenix, Arizona, 美国。

Why did you decide to learn Mandarin Chinese?

How long have you been learning Chinese?

Do you have and language goals?

How you use ChinesePod in your daily life?


Hi Troy,
你的中文说的真好,希望多跟我们分享一些你学中文的经验,还有HSK 考试经验给我们,非常感激。

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Hi Troy,

Good to see you’ve learned Chinese for a few years. I’m sure it wasn’t that easy at the beginning, which was what I found when I started to learn the Chinese characters, sentences and tones. But I also believe we will eventually overcome this kind of difficulties in the journey and achieve what we want.
Welcome to the big family to learn Chinese! :slight_smile:

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Thanks Jeremy. I wrote that a year ago and I like that I can recognize my lack of experience writing in Chinese. I’m still far from fluent but, but I keep chipping away at it. 每天学一点,每天好一点。

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Hi Troy,

Feel free to post something here in Chinese. We can help you to correct. Let’s learn together! :slight_smile: