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Ubike question?


So I arrived in taipei yesterday, and I remember seeing online that you can rent ubike kinda like citibike in ny. I tried to get one but you need a local phone number to do it??? So is there a way around that and if not is there somewhere I can just rent a bike for the duration of my stay here? Taipeiers help!!


That’s a good question. I’ve just asked on the Facebook group that might be able to help but my initial thoughts are thus:

One Taiwan telephone number can register 5 Easy-cards (yoyo cards) so if you have anyone in Taiwan who has registered, just go with them to a bike terminal, or log in online and add your easycard to their online account.


Hmm… Thanks for the quick response, I guess it’s back to the drawing board/walking for now lol…


I love the idea of cities bikes that you can rent and just cruise around the city. I’ve been to Montreal and they have them but sadly my city doesn’t so I just had to buy my own bike.


Hey Matt which city do you reside in ? I lived in Toronto for quite some time…
And yes citibike are pretty nice. Although it’s better to own a bike if you go for joyrides in New York cause unlike Taipei you have only 45 minutes to dock it at the next station.


I’m in Calgary now, and though things have improved by them adding dedicated bike lanes in some streets they are still not what I would consider a super bike friendly city.


Trust me brother neither is New York. I seen quite a few bikers get hit from people getting out of cabs and what not lmao. And another problem is they make bike lanes but the cyclist go in and out as they please. Better to ride your bike in Brooklyn or Queens. Manhattan is not built for that.


Toronto is the most cyclist friendly city I’ve ever seen though. I used to bike all the time there. One thing stupid though is I remember getting a ticket for cycling the wrong way down the one way street, can you believe that ?


The most cyclist friendly place I have been is the Netherlands. Their cities roadway infrastructure are designed with Cycling in mind as that’s how most people commute and travel. They have dedicated roads for cycling, tons of bike parking around all the cities, it was an amazing experience and Amsterdam or The Hague are cities that all countries should model their cycling infrastructure around.

I once saw someone in the Netherlands riding a bike with the handlebars loaded with grocery bags, and carring a lamp in one hand and talking on the phone with the other. It was truly a sight to behold haha