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Dear member,

Our academic team has recently conducted a full review of the levels of our courses and lessons. In order to maximize your learning experience, we have adjusted certain levels for some lessons. Accordingly, some courses have also been re-categorized into other levels.

We would like to assure you that we only changed the organization of our lessons and courses. So, if you have made any notes or bookmarks on any affected lessons/courses, your records will not be lost.

If you would like to know the specific courses that have been changed, we have provided a detailed list below. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns by leaving us a comment in our feedback section.

  • New Curriculum Courses
    We rolled out one curriculum course for each academic level. We have arranged the lessons in a logical sequence with the goal of guiding you from one lesson to another. Each course contains about 50 lessons. Please study in the designed order and we hope this can be a useful recommended study guide for you.

  • In the following courses, we have removed the lessons whose levels do not correspond to the course level.
    -Qing Wen Grammar Course (Elementary, Intermediate, Upper-intermediate)
    -HSK 1 Vocabulary, HSK 2 Vocabulary, HSK 3 Vocabulary, HSK 4 Vocabulary, and HSK 5 Vocabulary
    -Daily Life 1, Daily Life 2, Daily Life 3, Daily Life 4, Daily 5

  • We have moved the following courses from Elementary to Pre-intermediate level to better reflect the difficulty of the lessons.
    -Technology 1
    -Daily Life 4

The ChinesePod Team


Love that you have now grouped lessons into a logical course to follow, lesson by lesson. Takes a lot of the guess work out and keeps me on track but still have the ability to look for topic specific lessons if I want to add them in.