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Using ChinesePod with Anki

previously I used skritter with chinesepod.
That worked quite well. For cost reasons I unsubscribed skriter.
Now I want to use Anki with Chinesepod.
I followed Gwilyns tutorial. (

I can import Gwylins pre-made deck and can train it as supposed.
But I don’t want to learn that stuff, I want to import my own vocabulary.
I export the stuff as described, importing in Anki shows follows message:

Import abgeschlossen.
0 Notizen wurden hinzugefügt, 0 Notizen wurden aktualisiert, 17 Notizen unverändert.

And no new vocabulary shows up.
Can anybody help here?

I experient the same problems followings gwylins description. I gave up eventually.
Anybody can help?

Works finally!
Quite happy about this :slight_smile:

I’m curious, what did you do to make this work?

In my first tries i followed Gwylin instructions to set up a stack configuration and then imported the chinesepod-export file.

This time i started with a shared deck from anki and tried to understand the format of anki.
Before i did not want to learn it, but you need to understand it a bit.
Basically during importing I needed to reassign the the elements of a card (chinese characters, english and pinyn.
Voila! I could start my SRS-studies
Because there is no layout format in the configuration, the chinese characters are too small to read in anki, so needed to change the pixel size in the card configuration.

In the end, Anki is a powerful tool for IT-Nerds as opposed to pleco or skritter.

Unfortunately the links isn’t avaible anymore, does anybody know the link to the tutorial?

Unfortunayl the set up for Anki is often too complex for most users, and that article is no longer what we recommend people do.

Studying flashcards with Pleco is the best solution for now, either by exporting your word lists from the website, or opening vocabulary from the ChinesePod iOS and Android app directly into pleco, (I have just updated the article with two videos on how to do this).

You can read an article here about that:


I haven’t tried the pleco flashcard system yet, how does it compare to Anki? Is there features that one has but the other doesn’t?