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Using iCatcher!


Hi folks,
I’m a returnee to ChinesePod. Was a user back in 2005-2007 preceding and following our trip to China and Tibet.

At any rate, as I understand things, the IOS App is still in development, the one I downloaded is terrible at best. Based on something I read here, I bought iCatcher!.

Having a tough time figuring out how to download Courses and/or individual shows. I’ve managed some, but, I have no idea how I did it :wink:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Also–It seems the only way to download a PDF transcript to my mobiles (iPad Pro 9.7 and iPhone 7) is to do it through a browser then transfer it to Dropbox. Very klutzy in this day and age. Any help would be appreciated.




Download any podcast player, I personally just use the apple one. Next enter your RSS feed into the podcast player. From there you should be able to download all lessons into that. Open the PDFs for the transcripts from the podcast player and select “open in iBooks” that way they will be saved in there instead of your browser. Also make sure you update your RSS feed to show all levels of lessons (if that’s what you want)… If you dig into the forum there should be a thread with pictures and step by step details from a few months back… I’ll try to look for it.



Harlem World, USA.


I have similar issues on my Andriod. I just gave up using Chinesepod on my phone. I use it on my computer and practice writing words at my desk. I switched to using Memrise and Skritter to drill vocabulary in when I’m on the go on my phone. Hope this helps!


@prajnapaper Is there a particular reason why you are not using the new Android app?


I cannot download the PDF files for the entire lesson. I usually like to go through the PDF files when I study while I listen to the dialogue. I can’t do that on the Chinesepod Andriod App. I CAN go through the vocabulary, though. So that is good. I usually sit down at a desk and study Chinese when I use Chinesepod. It works out well for me.