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Using 地道 to discribe people

Hi, I just finished a lesson, using 地道 to discribe people, that remind me of 厚道, someone is very 地道/厚道,could you please clarify them? thanks.

Hi there,

地道 is local or pure. e.g. 你的中文讲得很地道。This sentence indicates that your Chinese has no accent and the vocabulary you use is correct.

厚道 is kind and honest. e.g.过年的时候知道要送女朋友家长礼物,你这个人真厚道。This sentence indicates that this person knows the etiquette.

Hi @BettyZheng is 地道 also can said 道地?
Example: 你可以讲很道地的中文。
Am I correct?

Hi Eddie,

If you are in Taiwan, sure, you can say 道地.