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一 + verb

Suggested Difficulty (Elementary etc): Advanced maybe?
Video or Audio: ____
Lesson Idea: I posted a Q about this on Qingwen (in link) but I figured I was preferring it to be a lesson if possible. The structures verb + “一” + noun (叫一聲) verb + “一” + object/indirect object + noun (打他一拳) and, most tricky, verb + “一” + verb (使勁一擲; 往後一靠) all seem related, but knowing when each can be used is not easy. I provided context passages for the third structure in the qingwen.

Specifically, what verbs can be used in the last structure?


Thank you for the lesson idea, it would be interesting to explore the common nouns used with the “一” + noun structure because there are some specific verb-noun combinations. As for the 一 + verb pattern, technically you can use all verbs in the structure as long as it makes sense in the context, and you want to indicate the action happens very fast. Again, thank you for the suggestion, we’ll take this into consideration when writing our future lesson plans!