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Video lessons not available anywhere

Is it just me or all videos are no longer available on Chinesepod?
I tried several different lessons, but none are available.



I am also unable to access video lessons. I only see the audio versions of these lessons.

I don’t know if it’s related, but I recall that last week (I believe on Friday) the site was down for a while for “scheduled maintenance”. Then this morning, I wasn’t able to log in at all for about an hour.


I have noticed this too. I also noticed that on the download tab of the lesson they used to have the ability to download the video of the lesson but around a week into my starting up a subscription a couple of months ago, that was removed.

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I just tried again and now I can see videos again. Anyone else still unable to access?


I am seeing videos again, probably just a hiccup with where they were hosted. It happens.

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