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Video Vocab Tour series in the archives

I was going to recommend these old lessons to newer users, but while I was able to find the lesson pages the videos seem to be lost. There were not many of these, but the users who have been saying how much they enjoy a visual learning format might enjoy them. I would also like to see you try to produce more video outside the studio, or do things like the old “What’s the Story series.” I do agree with others’ favourable comments though: the current crop of lessons with teachers on video is quite well done and helpful.

Hi @podster, the old video lessons that we have can be found here:'s+the+story

For the vocab tour ones, we only have about 2 of these on our end, and they are quite low quality. However, I just checked on the old vimeo account and I think these are what you’re talking about:

I found the video vocab links here:

However, they no longer seem to link to the videos, or at least I could not see how to play them. (Windows 7, Chrome browser). I think if you could restore it somehow the newbie / elementary learners might find it useful. Looks like the video vocab tour channel is hidden also; it does not appear in the lessons menu.

My other point was that I wanted to get you thinking about doing more beyond lessons recorded outside the studio, “in the field” as it were. This sort of video is nice:

There were six “video vocab tour” videos in all, at least that’s how many are shown on the linked page. None of the videos from the Vimeo link are from the video vocab tour series. Seems they are just some test videos named “video vocab.” The original videos from the “vocab tour” series were reasonably high quality.

Yes we enjoy these types of video but they take quite a bit more preparation and time. At the present moment we are a bit stretched in the video department to make these regular weekly videos, but when there is a special event or holiday we always try to make something like this. You might also like this video if you haven’t seen it.

I’ve gone into the depths of the ChinesePod archive, rifled through hundreds of folders, and have located said vocab tour videos.

I have embedded the videos on the lessons, and will get to work making these lessons searchable again. In the meantime, you can watch the mini-series here :slight_smile: