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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Suggested Difficulty (Elementary etc): Intermediate and Upper Intermediate
Video or Audio: Audio is enough
Lesson Idea:

Hi Team,
Virtual reality and Augmented reality is becoming more and more mainstream. Google, Apple, Microsoft and especially Facebook but also Tencent, Bytedance… are all investing in glasses and software for them. Could you make lessons about this topic so I can speak with Chinese people about it?

Hi Markus,

That’s a great suggestion! We’ll take that into consideration when creating a new lesson. In the meantime, I can give you some vocabs to get you started!
虚拟现实 Virtual Reality [Xūnǐ xiànshí]
增强现实 Augmented Reality [zēng qiáng xiàn shí]
VR goggle VR 眼镜 [yǎn jìng]