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Vocabulary Pleco and other

  1. Would there be any change to get the export function for vocabulary to have the option, like before, with XML for Pleco? The new website only has CVS.
  2. On the new website, finding the courses such as, ‘Poems with Pete,’ ‘KTV Time,’ Beijing Standard Time,’ ‘Dear Amber’ and ‘Moive Madness,’ etc. are extremely difficult. Perhaps these could be added to the courses page. They are older, but very useful and most interesting. The older website has them in the ‘Show’ list. Unless I am missing something.
  3. The ‘Vocabulary’ app is rather battery draining. I don’t play games on my mobile, but this app does tend to drain the battery as if one where playing video games. I feel the interface could be simplified even further. Just a thought.
  4. Would there be any chance to have a ‘Library List’ like on the old website, displaying as a simple list, easily displaying the lesson name, date and other information. The new version is rather cumbersome. The old website is most clear and easy to view.
  5. Lastly, I find using the date, (from and to), within the filters in the Explore section very hard to use. Out of all the times that I have used it, only once was I able to get it to work.
    Thank you!

Hello Antony,

Sorry for the late reply. We appreciate all your suggestions. I would forward your feedback and questions to our IT department!