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我管你 (wǒ guǎn nǐ) i dont care

Hi @YuQinCai, @Constance_Fang @Fiona and the ChinesePod team, my question is this:

我管你 (wǒ guǎn nǐ) i dont care
the problem with this is that if i translate it to google translation it says i care about you

我管你的感受 I don’t care how you feel
but if i translate it in google translation it says i care about you !
there is no 不in it !

I speak about this to my teacher today and she said that it is wrong translation.
But i am not convinced yet, because there are lots of sites that translate the song in the same way
They put it like “I dont care” rather than “I care about you”

Hi @YongShiXianSheng! This is a very interesting question. When we say"我管你" in some context like this one, it means “i don’t care about you”. The singer was using the rhetoric expression to convey a sense of irony. But if you want to express"i care about you", you can say “我在乎你” which is always positive. Hope this helps!

Thanks @RebeccaChu you are the best !

我管你 is a set phrase in Chinese and means “I don’t care about you”

You might hear people say 我才不管你呢 which also means “I don’t care about you”

As I understand 我管你 is that it’s a bit sarcastic or unfriendly, like “I haven’t got time for you”, “I don’t want to bother with you” - is that so?

I think " 我管你" has two meanings, first, I dont care about you and your feelings.Second,means I will take care of you/I raise you.What it means in a sentence mainly depends on the intonation you speak。

Yeah exactly, the first use is more ironic I think, I heard young people use it with friends.

And the second use is very serious, when you take care of a lived one when they’re ill for example.