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Want to travel some cities in China

Hello everyone,
I plan to have a traveling in China, my friend told me " 桂林“ and " 阳朔” is good place to go with less cost, could you please suggest any other nice cities? thanks.

I totally agree with your friend. :slight_smile:
Also, I would recommend 青岛,成都,大理,三亚. They are really beautiful cities and you can also find the food there are very diverse and of course super tasty!!! They are good places where you can take a short break and relax yourself.

Hello Jeremy,
Thanks for your recommendation, what is the best season to travel to these cities? 大理 is located in Yun nan? but I heard it is not safe there, is it true? by the way, I am tired of coastal cities,I want to see something different.many thanks.

Hi Grace,

I would suggest you go to 青岛 in spring/summer/autumn and 三亚 in summer or winter. You can go to 成都 in spring or autumn. I haven’t been to 大理 yet but it’s been added to my wish list :). You’d better go to 大理 with a few of your friends so that you guys can look after each other.

Thank you so much, I will make a plan for that.

Hi Grace,

I just joined ChinesePod not long ago but I’ve been to China multiple times and can give you my experience.

I think some city trips are definitely good, I recommend 苏州,西安,桂林 and especially 夏河. But I always recommend people some places that have beautiful nature, above all 张家界 (inspiration for Avatar movie), 阳朔 as mentioned above, but also 敦煌 for the beautiful desert. I also went to 吐鲁番 which is probably the hottest place in all of China, but with beautiful landscapes and great historic places (maybe you’ve seen 西游记, then you’ll know what I mean)…

I’m getting all kinds of flashbacks writing this. China is so nice for travelling…let us know if you have a plan already!

Hi flymiffy_fly,

Welcome to ChinesePod! Great to see that you are excited about travelling in China - I hope our ChinesePod travel series will appeal to your taste then, if you haven’t seen them yet.

Since we already had so many travelm suggestions here, I will give you some lesson examples that might help you on your travels or might inspire you in making your plans. Let me just say that learning Chinese during travelling is probably one of the most fun and rewarding things to do.

Describing Travels
The Hungry Traveller

Have a good trip!


Hi flymiffy_fly,
Thank you so much for your recommendation, that is very valuable. I have put some cities on my list already, thank you.

Hi Susie, thank you!