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WAV Files, Sound Downloadable PLEASE!


I cut and paste all of the Vocabulary from the Vocabulary list with each lesson into my Anki deck. Would you please make the wav.files/sound downloadable? This way we would be able to attach sound to our/my Anki Decks.

I love ChinesePod and I am not complaining but not being able to attach sound is pretty tough going with Chinese.

Warmest Regards,


PS-Part of my learning process is creating my Anki decks BUT you could just integrate all of the Vocabulary with each lesson into the Anki format! Many sites do this.

You can already download the dialogue sentence breakdown mp3’s. For single words, you can use an Anki plug-in called Pinyin Toolkit or Chinese Support to auto-add mp3’s for each word.

We already have an export function for Anki (see this page and video). As you save words to your vocab list on ChinesePod, you can then export those in the correct format for Pleco or Anki. We can look into making automatic deck for each lesson but we recommend you only save words you don’t know rather than exporting every word for that lesson. This makes flashcard learning a lot more effective and efficient.

Here are some articles that might help:

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Thank you oh, spectacular Welsh God of Language!

Diolch firend


Hello Gwilym,

My Anki Skills are very basic. I went to Download the Chinese Support from your link.
I see.

  "  As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are
    malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

     To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code
        into the
        desktop program:
     3448800906 "

“please copy and pasted the download code into the desktop program?” Perhaps I am having another super dense day but I do not understand what this means. Would you be so kind as to simply elaborate?

Warmest Regards,


Copy the Add-on ID 3448800906
Open Anki
Click on the menu, and choose Tools
Click Add-On > Browse and Instal
Paste the ID

I would actually install Pinyin ToolKit if you’re new to it since it’s a bit more user friendly,

The ID is 2554990764

Once installed, you can open up Pinyin tool kit’s preferences.

After this, click on the deck you want to study, open pinyin toolkit menu again and click “Fill Missing card data”

Alternatively, just use the pleco flashcard add-on for Android/iOS and you can skip all these steps. Simply save your Chinesepod vocab onto your phone (I save to dropbox and open in the app), and open that file in Pleco. This way it adds all the sounds,tone colours etc.

Click here for instructions on that.




I have tried both programs. Nothing. No Sound. Nothing. This is the part where I feel like lobotimizing myself with a butter knife. I think I give up. I am so Frustrated, I just want some sound and this is A NIGHTMARE. I will try the Cell phone method.


Hi there Alexis, I’ve had a go exporting your cards and creating an Anki deck for you.

Could you try loading this file into Anki and check how it looks.

It should include both recall (English) and recognition (hanzi) cards, with tone colours, audio, Measure words etc.

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You might also be interested in Skritter which is a flashcard program which you can also learn to write with. You can also connect ChinesePod with Skritter:

Alternativly you could try using ChinesePod’s built-in flash card reader but it hasn’t been developed for quite some time and 3rd party programmes like Anki and Pleco do a better job of it.


You are too kind and I home so happy with your Cards.

Thank you, SO MUCH!


That looks nice but I have the last version of Anki and it says that it’s not compatible, I cannot download them. I’ve tried the Pleco alternative but the sounds are not good, simple word are like robot and I can’t add complete sentences, I’m not sure it is of any help…
Maybe the dev will update it soon, who knows! Thanks anyway!