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Weaning myself off English subtitles

I am currently studying for the HSK 5 and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on shows that I can watch in order to practice my listening without English subtitles. I am aware I can take off subtitles in Youtube but I also want a show that would be simple enough for me to understand so I wouldn’t be tempted to add the subtitles back on. Would rather skip children’s shows (can’t seem to get into them) but I’m desperate at the moment and will try anything.

Hello DeathNevermore,

Great idea for studying! First and foremost, I can point you to our advanced audio and video lessons that should cover some HSK5 vocabulary, if you haven’t already seen some of these. An example this lesson where fiona and constance talk about craft beer:精酿啤酒

For shows it is always a good practice to look on (Chinese equivalent to YouTube) and (Chinese streaming site) where you can find popular shows, usually with Chinese subs, like
… and many more.

The shows above were recommended by my mom and mom always knows best, but since I am not sure what you are interested in watching and I personally do not watch any TV at all, I hope you’ll be able to find something you like by browsing, or that some Chinese TV fans here on CPod will come to your rescue!

Anyways, I hope I was able to help, and good luck with the HSK 5!


Thanks Susie. I’ll look them up. Generally I like Donghua or police crime dramas. I’m still trying to figure out Chinese tv shows. I don’t really like the period dramas (way too dramatic). So I really don’t know what’s out there so to say.

No problem, DeathNevermore!

Oh when it comes to police crime dramas there was a greatly popular one in China that I can’t remember, I’ll try to find it.

But generally, China definitely has a lot of great dramas, I remember watching 梅花档案 when I was younger (I mean, even younger than now) and it was full of suspense and creepy and just a great plot and a nice bunch of acting, combining some historical elements with the modern police drama feeling, really good.

I’m still not the best to help you here because I don’t even watch TV back in my home country, so I would like to ask @ElijahW or @Jeremypu2019 to help us a little, since this topic interests me too.


Hi DeathNevermore!

The following are the cartoons and tv series of crime theme I would recommend:

花木兰 (on youku)
大圣归来 (on youku)

白夜追凶 on youku

Enjoy! Please let me know if you have any question.
I can share more with you when you finish watching these :slight_smile:

Thanks, Jeremy!
I’ve heard about 我为歌狂 but thought it was a show like Voice of China. Good to know it’s animated instead!

If you know something for Netflix please share it too, there was some interest in that on the forum too.