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Website Updates: Floating Video/Audio Player and more


We recently made some changes to our website at the request of many users.

Now when you’re scrolling down the page to study the dialogue, the video/audio player will follow you down so that you can watch/listen and read at the same time.

This makes it extra easy to pause when you come across something you want to focus on.

We have also added a filter to hide/show the Chinese/English/Pinyin on the website so that you can test your reading/recall by hiding specific parts.

Updates to ChinesePod website (April 2017)
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Thanks for this update! The floating thing is much appreciated.


Like justincunnigham, I like using the dialogue replay and prefer the hide the english so I do not cheat and read English meaning first. You have added the Hanoi, English, punting tickboxes but these reset to ticked every time you change tab or change lesson. Could you please make it into user preferences so it stays the same between between pages or tabs.

Like another viewer, I think the pinyin would be better if placed directly under the Hanzi characters


This should be simple enough to do. I will add that to our tasks now.

This will be more technical, but should be possible.


This feature has been added. Pinyin is now directly beneath Hanzi.

Also, there is now an option to unpin/pin the floating media player on smaller devices. For people that found that it covered too much of the screen, they now have the option to pin it to the top of the page.




thanks, for the pinned audio and for putting hanzi underneath. It works much better.

Any chance of doubling the size of the sentence play arrow or moving the sentence download button further down from the play button, as I (like others) keep brushing the download button by mistake.

Incidentally, the change of server locations to US has removed the stutter and time lag when playing sentences, so I am really pleased with your improvements.


That’s great to hear.

This can be done. I’ll add it to the list of things.

Thanks for your feedback


This change will be rolling out tomorrow all being well.


This large play arrow works well. Case closed! :sunglasses: