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WeChat WiFi problem

My Samsung Galaxy s9+ is connected to my WiFi network but when I log into WeChat, I get this error message: “You are not using WLAN. Network data usage may be high if you continue.” So I think WeChat is using my mobile data instead of my WiFi. How can I fix this? Thanks.

I’m not familiar with Samsung, are you able to change the settings to have WeChat only comment with WiFi?

There is some sort of “metered connection” test that detects if you are using a capped network like cellular data, perhaps this is detecting your wifi as a metered network by mistake. You could try turning off cellular data as a test to see if you still get that message

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I have the same connection problem when I go to we chat. I have an Android phone. It says I am not using WLAN. Network data usage may be high if I continue. Never had this problem until recently. How to fix? Thank you

I actually had the same issue a few weeks back, and cannot figure out what causes it. sometimes I don’t get the issue for weeks, and then it suddenly comes back. I use Android too.
I know it isn’t a ChinesePod related issue but if anyone has a fix for that, I’d be happy to hear about it too :slight_smile: