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Welcome to ChinesePod's New Forum


Following in the steps of our friends over at Skritter, we have decided to move our old forum (formerly known as Groups) over to a new platform.

##Why the change?

The previous forum had become difficult to manage and hard for people to navigate which discouraged community and communication – the very purpose of a forum. We changed platforms in order to create a space where new and veteran students alike can discuss, share and learn together.

##What’s good about the new platform?

We are using Discourse which provides an excellent, minimal platform that has the latest forum features such as;

  • dynamic notifications
  • mobile ready
  • real time updates (no page refreshes)
  • user badges and rankings
  • community moderation
  • easy search function

##What about the old forums?

The existing groups pages will continue to exist. However, they will become read-only meaning you won’t be able to create new topics or reply to old conversations. We have provided easy links to the old pages on our new platform here.

##What about lesson comments?

You can continue to comment on lessons, but if you have question not related to the lesson, the forum will be the best place to ask your question.

##How do I sign up?

Simply log-in with your existing ChinesePod account - there is no need for creating another separate account. Just click Log-In in the top right corner and enter the e-mail and password you use for your ChinesePod account!

##Final Thoughts

We hope that by using this new platform we can encourage and grow a community of passionate Chinese learners by creating a welcoming environment where you can share, discuss, and ask questions.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

#Navigating the new Forum

At the top you have the option to arrange topics by category or latest.

At the moment, the default is set to latest to encourage new conversations.

At the moment we only have a few main categories. When creating a new topic you can decide which category it belongs with. If you’re not sure, you can put it in the general category.


Woah, this is awesome! Looking forward to testing out all the new features, they sound fantastic and its a much cleaner implementation vs the old discussion boards.

pinned globally #3


Glad you like it @Matt_T. It was partly built with you in mind since you’re such a top commenter :smile_cat:

It will hopefully allow for much easier communication between users of ChinesePod, as well as us replying to some of the comments. I’m looking forward to building the forum.


Wow, this is a very welcome and sorely needed update!

The old message board system was truly awful. This is immeasurably better and should hopefully foster better communication in the community.

Good job!