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We've moved the self-study feed to a new location

Hi everyone. We’ve gone ahead with some small changes and moved the self-study feed and courses dashboard to a new location.

Previously, there were two dashboards, (the previous one with the self study feed and the newer one with the filters).

In order to reduce confusion, we have completely shifted over to the new dashboard so that everyone has the same experience.

In doing so, we have moved the self-study feed (as well as ‘my progress’ and ‘my courses’) under the profile section of the menu bar. This should make finding them easier for long time users, and if you prefer this view, you can go ahead and bookmark that page.

If you want to read more about the self-study feed, you can check out these support articles.

We hope this change reduces confusion and makes navigating the site a bit easier. Your feedback is welcome.

This is only more confusing. If it’s not broke why fix it? Previously, I open the chinese pod website on my phone, and the latest lessons are there. Now I’m menu driving just to get to the lessons. And check it out, these options on the front page are constantly loading and never appear, I noticed this before on my computer when clicking on the self study option, but never complained as I am fine with just opening the browser and app, and it just being there. Whatever, no big deal but sometimes less is more.

Thanks for your feedback. The problem was that many users were finding it hard to find the self study feed since it depended on if you had opted in to try the new dashboard. This new implementation means they remain in one single, easy to find location which is independent of user opt-in. If you want to find that page quickly on your phone, try creating a new bookmark linking to this URL.

Thanks for the picture. Does this problem of loading always happen? Does it eventually load up or not? It looks like you’re using Safari on any iPhone correct?

Yea, I get it. Can’t please everyone lol.

Yea I’m using safari on both my iMac and iphone. And yes it just constantly loads albeit I never wait longer than 2 minutes, but at that rate, how convenient is it? I noticed that maybe a couple months ago, then just gave up on that self study section, and just search for lessons manually. If that front page actually loaded as quick as the rest of the site, I probably wouldn’t have said anything.


Just checked, when I used Firefox it loaded fine.

I think when you’re talking about “self study”, you’re referring to the newer dashboard view (with all the filters) right? The self study page has remained virtually untouched for many years so should load quickly since there are no images to load.

It’s very odd that yours constantly says loading so we’re trying to get to the bottom of it. We just tried on various devices, and it loaded up within a few seconds.

Are any other users experiencing a constantly loading dashboard view like what @KnowledgeAllah has?

Could you do us a favour and try the following:
1.Test your network speed (LTE/3G) and or wifi using (app link)
2.Clear website data on your iPhone by clicking Settings>Safari>Clear History and Website Data
3.Try again with the dashboard.

Thanks for all your help.

We’ve just made some changes to the code and it seems to have fixed the problem of endless loading for many browsers including Dolphin, Android built-in browser etc.

Could you try again on your computer and iPhone. It should work now. :smiley:

Yes, it’s working on the iphone safari browser as well now. Thanks! That was fast!

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That’s great news. Also, if you’re interested, you can try out the iPhone app that is now LIVE on the app store.

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