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What does 不要不要的 mean as an adjective?



I’d like to ask what 不要不要 means. Like in this sentence from a Taobao review: 天热了给上一杯冰镇的酸梅汤,真是凉爽的不要不要的!

Maybe you guys can actually do a lesson on 酸梅汤,I don’t think there’s one!



It’s just there to emphasize its cold.


不要不要的 is a slang term to emphasise an extreme state of something, a dramatic way to say VERY.

This can be used for both negative and positive descriptions.

恶心的不要不要的 - Sooooooo disgusting
好吃的不要不要的 - so damn tasty
难吃的不要不要的 - totally disgusting
钱输的不要不要的 - lost soooooooooo much money

I took some liberties with the translations, but hopefully you get a picture of how it’s used.

A “textbook” way to express the same sentiment would be

恶心的不得了 - So disgusting
好吃的不得了 - So tasty
难吃的不得了 - totally disgusting

Fi :slight_smile:


Thank you Fiona!
It’s actually more like an adverb than an adjective.

It’s great that you take time to reply to questions like this one, makes me feel connected and part of the community, not just listening to the dialogues in the loneliness of my home :slight_smile:


I notice that both in the original and your examples, 的 rather than 得 is used. (恶心的不要不要的 rather than 恶心得不要不要的.) Could you explain why? Thank you.