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What happened to the Upper Intermediate /Advanced Lessons?


Hi ChinesePod team, my question is this:

For years I am studying Chinese with Chinesepod. Chinesepod used to publish in average four times a month upper intermediate / advanced lessons. Now it´s been nearly three weeks without new lessons. Are you not more interested in publish these kind of lessons?


It’s the same with Intermediate - no new lessons in a few weeks.

@ChinesePod team, is there a change we should know about?


I think they’re focusing on the newbie stuff cause it was neglected for a while, and I think probably a good chunk of their subs come from new students. In the meantime, may as well do a sweep of the previous intermediate lessons.


We will be back to regular higher levels this week and going forward. We had some minor issues with the way our system creates pinyin and translations so have spent the last few weeks fixing that while uploading easier lessons that we can manually input.

You can look forward to a new upper-intermediate and advanced lesson this Thursday and Friday.

Thanks for getting in touch.