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What is the difference between 讲话 and 聊天?

Can anyone explain the difference and give some examples?

Hi there,

讲话 is just “to talk” and 聊天 is “to chat”. You can differentiate them in the following situations:

  • If you are in the haunting house alone and hear someone speaking:

  • If you are a teacher finding your students talking during the class, you can either say
    谁在聊天?or 谁在讲话?

  • If you are the one who love speaking, no matter it’s on the stage, chatting or telling stories for kids. You can say

  • If you only enjoy talking with people, instead of just talking, you can say

Thank you so much, this is so useful!!!

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Hi, if i want to said I love to talk to you over the phone. Which one is the proper Chinese words to use? thanks

What is the difference between these two and 说话?

Hi @eddietiong,

In this case, since you are emphasizing “talking over the phone”, we would use 讲话 [jiǎng huà]. To make a more concise sentence, we can combine 讲话 [jiǎng huà] and 电话 [diàn huà] into 讲电话 [jiǎng diàn huà]. This implies “talking on the phone”

  • 我喜欢跟你讲电话 [wǒ xǐ huān gēn nǐ jiǎng diàn huà]
    I really like talking to you on the phone.


Hi @lallytina35,

When we use the phrase 说话, mostly we are talking about “this behavior”; therefore, 说话 and 讲话 are somehow interchangeable. For example,

  • 谁在讲话?=谁在说话?